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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  October 31, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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progressive field. >> sounds nicer to take that word too from the conference when champagne all over our locker is exactly what will happen it will be irish campaign but can you imagine they had to will the champagne out of wrigley field last nighti nobody cap shots about one jet. >> coming to cleveland was checkingco with scott sable who is mr. party animal himself that be are just beard just getting longer and longer. >> it was close at closed at halftime and thinking okay. >> do you do your own that you
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>> let your kids pick a whack at it. a >> definitely not my judge that they like> harry i don't need any. >> depends on what day it is not going to happen let's checkh it out most of the snow in the middle 30s from bedford north olmsted still at 41; beginning to personally been out that's what we have these pockets of cooler airt from hudson out to streetsboro and we jumped back up in the middle 40s from westlake out to o'leary orm severe weather we have some thunderstorms yesterday morning herald producing thunderstorms with the passage of the cold that cold front of the temperatures fell another temperatures are beginning to climb kansas city st. louis up into the 50s and so considers the warmth and eventually move into northern ohio today partly sunny back to 50 tonight not
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eventually, the south and southwest only tomorrow morning trick-or-treat forecaster looks really nice little 50s this evening and will keep some high clouds around 52 by seven and 50 degrees by 9:00 p.m. eight day forecast in just a few minutes traffic to my petty. >> thanks so much as been a nice evening commute so far on this monday i'm sure a lot of you are justsove leaning back going on tired that we all 271 watch for the overnight work along 271 make sure you no folks i've been asking what is this ramp going to reopen operative for rent to route to westbound it still closed by talking with o-dotes they are hoping bye november 11 to have it reopened the meantime continue along routes to richmond street and flip it around in her belt bridge looksn good this morning coming and it's much easier now that m we have all of those lanes open five of them to be exact 77 or harvard no problems also coming into downtown niceness
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together to 71k for my 90 darn 2422 and 480 westbound between 271 and 77 and 77 was imported into times north and pour it into time standard five minute commuted . >> your cleveland indians return homeur still one win away from winning a world series can they make it happen and wa fans are feeling the confident this morning stacy fry light outside friend life outside progressive field with an updatecyg. >> at morning were leaving the watch party of the re seeing the long facesh this is a team is made them believe they have every confidence c they can still win it all in winning it all the homework and be better than that try arriving last night just before actually this morning just before 4:00 o'clock no fans waiting to celebrate a paradedeu yet no one thought thy were capable of taking two boston spirits are still pretty s high although the guys look exhausted as they were
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hope when it all in front of the hometown crowd and it's something they dreamed them all along the watch parties this week in a progressive field were packed with more than 67,000 fans came down here friday saturday and sunday waiting to be a part as a stone in vision that will happen. >> another champions here. on got a come back and bring her home and when our home. >> original winner home it's to win a home >> it's disappointing we still got this >> it's almost like we're being. >> will tell everybody is i feeling so positive again nobody thought that they were going to take all three games up and out in chicago that hasn't happened to the cut scene they have not lost three in a row let them come back heren and put on a performance in front of her hometown crowd and hopefully will bell celebrating later this week ticket prices are pretty much
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for standing room only up to a couple thousand dollars you want to get right down there close to the field of 1500 for only like $10. >> brand of find a buyer i burned stay home work during her two best pitchers out there we should be okay tomorrow night and then on wednesday. >> yes 'louver again first time in 15 years they've done it with a fissure in the world series. >> is done wellssin fantastic stay by giving the red gold and putting them out there gi again day of rest is ky for everybody at this point is a bullpen rested and ready to >> massage, stacy friend labornd progressive field great turnout last night by our fans and thank you we already know that your rallying together by the indians use another chance to prove it will have a permit online competition with the sister station in the windy city you can help byheti heading over to the facebook page and a
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quite simply the scum may be good but the indians are betteray early voting attracting thousands to the polls in northeast ohio 30 buses from areahi churches after voters to the publicvo county board of elections as part of our souls to the polls campaign the cleveland school leaders also at the polls yesterday encouraging support of issue 108 they say it will continue to benefit cleveland children. >> reinvests in social studiesev and xm testing a new technology we p computers over the last year which is about one per student gordon says39er the past issue 8 will make up about 10 percent of the district's budget and the board of elections saysy more than 2,000 people voted early saturday while hundreds more cast ballots yesterdayvo 537 a short timer weather and trafficer every eight minutes just ahead coming up getting back to a local place to refer who gave his his all franciscan as well as her unerring hamper the big boost
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>> calling all bowlers it's the time for the eighth annual when thousands of liberty bowl e upon at the game of witchcraft saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m. join members of the fox ape family a family for a fun filled eventp. designed to support the nhl's arsons foundation which provides college scholarships empowerment programs and winter coats and hats and gloves for local students for moreoc information there's a link at hope to see
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3 degrees the clouds now are starting to say now enough that we arere going to see some pretty nice looking sunrise here this morning temperatures in cincinnatior already up inin the lower 50s and so is i will start to warm up again ahead of the next front breezy day tomorrow looking to today
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six of the world series will be welle above normal to want to jump ahead to mature today halloween partly sunny high clouds of late today highs in the middle and upper 50s trick-or-treating this evening willllg be in the low 50s and will stay around for overnight lows overnight dissipating any major cauldrons of the art overnight lows will be well above normal through at least thursday night and will talk more about the forecast for the world series also a look ahead to the upcoming weekend just a couple minutes. >> in the news right now the death of trooper kenneth perez is still tougher family and friends to handle fundraiser to support the family financially and emotionally was held sunday nightpp it's been a month and a half since super super bowl is with intel's world during traffic my 90 in rocky river butve those close to the family want them to know there's still thinking about can the people he left behindnd hundreds of people packed the spitzer
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county community college for a fundraiser all money raised from this dinner and auctionl goes to the wallace family. some just as close to ken who organized the event but those who also dealt with the loss of an officert in the line of duty. >> first-year urine was glad and that you look for the support to carry through everything was for the kids. >> we were doing it for them. >> he was just 48 he was a g down on the team right now hoping for a big win. >> are now 542 on your monday weather and traffic every will
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good morning welcome back to fox eight news in the morning and patty harkinel the israel i know you're all tired out there this morning but hopefully we can wrap this thing upep tomorrow i don't know how many more sleepless nights wepl can take right now the roadways are doing well we do notl have any accidents say so that is good news and willw pick take off and skybox here and give you a birds eye view of the city momentarily and a little to be done here at the airport with more of the forecaster scott. >> party thank thank you very much forecast on the website you can check it out wewe have the late winter
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websiten you can check out the specifics on how we anticipate this winter to work out with themr into more details on the specific settlement onor the air after the world series will maybe get into november before we tackle thatat too much onc their facebook twitter instant the fox can download eight weather up as welle a look at our current readings and stole some high-level cloud cover nothing to worry about this morning the only issue now will be how coolrr how much cooler do we see these temperatures falling due to the fact we are seeinge e little breaks in the overcast was stored on 247 with hotspots in eastern cuyahoga county back down into the 30s but for the most part once the sun comes up and start to jump back up in the 50s for forecast highs today the only system to worry about would be the beginnings of a even now there is just not a whole lot to work with with the form of deep moisture when anticipating any major rainfall from that front until sometime late wednesday night we have another day in the
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be the big story tomorrow already in the 50s in southern ohiore look at the 50s and 60s through the middle of the country and so temperatures will start to climb the more of a seasonable dateteim today will go partly sunny high temps today in the middle 50s high clouds start to thin out on the forecast looks good for trick-or-treating tonight as wewe will stay around 50 with winds picking up after midnight tonight will start to see temperatures falling into the 30s to the east and the notice how the thames actually rise out your norwalk tonight in the southwest when will really kick in trick-or-treat forecast for this evening will at wireto towut yees by 6:00 p.m. 52 at 7:00 p.m. and generally a couple degrees to either sideououen of 50 by mid- evening 70s tomorrow another day in the lower middle 70s not that unusual to see this type of pattern in late october or early november you need wind for that to happen it'll get really windy tomorrow afternoon that will keep some high clouds actually it will push the high clouds
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c system untilth tomorrow night and two wednesday may to early thursday south wind about an dutch 15 for game six of the world series temperatures will be in the mid- 60s in downtownhe cleveland and look at the 70s not only in northern ohioi again we think our weather is unique in a pattern like this but look at the highestq in indianapolis 80 tomorrow 81 in cincinnati even chicago up in the middle 70s public to the 50s behind the frontwe be cool down behind the front ithe later on in the week the rain with this front doesn't develop until sometime again wednesday night to early e thursday could hear some rumbles oful thunder early one thursday morning when the fun front starts to move on throughe again when anticipating any major amounts ofan rain until then and the cool down behind that this would translate into highs in the 50s this upcoming weekend as we look at the 80 forecast again we start to cool down were notot looking at a 30-degree drop will stay in
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early on thursday and then graduallyn falling into the 50s upper 50s low 60sl pretty much where we should be for this time of year by the way you know we need saturday nighthtwa with turn the clocks back. >> it'll get dark much earlier. >> much much earlier that's good for us to get up at 2:00 >> no leg no problem at least that was the mindset of one crickets layer check this out famous lost his artificial leg during a playck in he just kept on going happened during the england disabilities team's game against pakistan in dubai the 22 -year-old managed to retrieve the ball on one leg and return it to the wicked before heading back to retrieve his lost lamb. >> it's a guest room and that's fit for a king elvis presley fans cannot stay at the graceland guesthouse the roots pay tribute to all
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nearly two dozen all of us sweets at four theater pool and restaurants all on an elvis presley's guesthousese priscilla took part in the official ribbon cutting ceremony. >> rise and shine northeast ohio 550 your time right nowonca missing women mystery to solid with the discovery of a car crash still ahead a californiaca women's amazing survival story the challengersa attack of getting her to getting her to safety robert langdon is backck the moviegoers i tom hanks in the new thriller infernal we come when we come
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welcome back fox eight news in the morning 42 degrees on your
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going to be a great day today even better day tomorrow. >> in for another third installment in the da vinci code i series has gone up inin smoke at the box office and they have halloween to the cap spot for second straight week to tell her. comedy earned $16.7 million to hold off in front of the film starring tom hanks directed by ron howard$1 ages $15 million but it made more than 150 million overseas and for now is s browna book tom cruise film a check which are never go back finished in the third spot at justicis under $10 million bob dylan will probably attend the upcoming nobel prize ceremony to accept his award the swedish academy honored him with a nobel prize for literature for his songwritingin he was silent about the honor for a few weeks in 1988 rock 'n roll hall of fame inductee healthy the telegraph1 hill be at the award ceremony quote if
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a winning the award's amazing california rescuers were searching fore a missing women find her alive in an overturned hammer five days after the crash fire officials say they got a call saturday about an overturned vehicle when they arrived they found the car could not cannot be reached by rescue vehicleseye crews were forced to use atps enable complete system to save thena women that she was airlifted to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recoveryd crews had a very different type of rescue on their hands this is buster who swam out to an island on a man-made lake only problem is when he got there he was too tired to swim backleen 554 is a time right now it's but stick and was scott's able to see how the forecast is looking for your monday s starbucks writer is really
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yesterday in the severe weather we had some thunderstorm warnings yesterday morning all that's gone eom and will start to clear out fundamental data they look at these temperatures will struggle a little early on and then we will all be up in the middlehe and upper 50s by late afternoon we will talk more about the big warm-up tomorrow the forecast for the world series game six tomorrow and trick-or-treating forecast for this evening that and more in just a couple minutest. >> 555 on that monday morning raising the dead and down the street still ahead of hundreds of people hundreds of people gather for a street race in some unique wheelslsll o that few people want to actually get into. >> and here's a look at it the east shore away pattytd will have your update on your community when we come back
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welcome back to fox eight news n in the morning just in time for halloween and things got
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town over the weekend and hundreds of people dressed in their halloween best and climbed into their coffins itt was all part of the 22nd annual emma crawford coffin braces jack's brow and mario and even some of the walking dead were all in attendance prizes were given out for best and the costume for the most creative coffin but most people were there for the big race and they all have their own strategy to take home theat prize coffin resources say they come back each and every year because they love to see the children's faces as they roll down the street and their handcrafted coppens. >> i think i'll wait. >> that's the news at 5:00 o'clock on a monday morning the news at six begins
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>> good morning everyone welcome to fox eight news in the morningne it is monday october 31 halloween 2016 and 42 degrees at thanks for waking up with us. >> let's get right to scott sable the bearded one in the beer keeps right on growingbl good morning my friend. >> at the morning everybody i get ridng of the beard when the browns when the first game that wase the stipulation when i started doing this like two months agoh anyway let's check out our temperature is now we're calling down mid- 50s on geauga and portions of ashtabula county under mostly clear skies we are down to 42 at fox eight breaks in the overcast on into bedford soul and down into hudson even can't than we are starting to see temps cooling down nothing onps radar right now and it's looking very quietad at least the next several days of notice of the one thing heree actually a big thing is the temperatures in southern ohio and open to
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a warm front and we're lookingle at a big boost to want that will start to develop tomorrow and continue into wednesdayntnt looking pretty good today although not as warm as likely likelre as you head outside a partly sunny today with a high of around 56 looking even better for trick-or-treating this evening we will start tos see the tense cooldown but not a picnic dropped most of us will see him high 40s ins north 50s between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. update on the wor a few minutes also look at our rain chances for the end of the weekkmi that a more more traffic, patio 601 good morning scott right now on the freeways we look at all for them we acted t above an accident here this is at west 14th ends quickly car came off that ramp and that you can see the tire tracks through the grass and he settled in front of that poll actually on the pole into the pool was 14 as greeley police are on the scene with that vehicle that hit the pole and once again


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